Hi there.

My earliest childhood memories consisted of coloring cartoons in kindergarten, playing imaginary games with my younger sister, and attempting to tie my shoelaces for church each Sunday morning. I took pride in a wide variety of collections that I had kept – can lids, Justea cans, buttons, Enid Blyton books and a series of Archie Comics I bought from the Popular Bookstore.

As a family, we moved to Australia and everything changed. At the age of 10, I struggled to fit in and it was excruciatingly painful to be bullied during my early years of high school. I didn’t have many friends and sometimes I would cry in class. Pretending to need the toilet for a quick pee so that I could burst into tears quietly was a release for me (at least 2-3 times) each week.

Fast-forward to my final year of high school, I was declining rapidly in terms of mental health. I hadn’t been eating, sleeping or thinking well. Next thing you know, I was hospitalized for 3 days during Easter and 3 weeks during my exam period at a mental-health psych ward. The nurses were friendly there. Memories of receiving a bunch of surprise/get-well soon cards from other adolescent patients who noticed me and us sharing stories of how we ended up here made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

It’s clear to say that I didn’t do my exams, which is a big pity. Moving forward, I took a year off study and just worked multiple part-time jobs at different restaurants and cafes. I took a short course in Dental Nursing but the job wasn’t right for me. A short while, I took up another short course in Bookkeeping/Accounting and I’ve somehow managed to work my way up: I’m now doing a double-degree, with majors in Accounting and Data Analytics at Swinburne University and I hold a part-time job at an office nearby.

Sure, life isn’t always perfect (and it still isn’t) but you make the best of what is. And, to look back, I can say that I’m surely proud of myself but, of course, it doesn’t end here 🙂

I’ve created this blog to post and speak about mental health and other things which inspire me to get out of bed every morning. There are definitely days where I feel overlooked and worthless but, for me, putting on a clean face with makeup on really helps me get over these feelings. And venting about the importance of mental health really helps me to be grateful, especially of where I am now.


I hope this blog post really helps you understand where I’m coming from. Please give this post a thumbs-up or follow me if you’re curious to see where this blog is headed, hehe. 🙂

Bye for now! x

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